PayPal chargeback on rendered services

Pipeology AKA Eric Fox

Timeline of events:

  1. 9-09-2019 - Proposal for Conduit Pipe bending calculator web based apps for both iOS and Android Created for Eric Fox (Pipeology)
  2. 9-15-2019 - Proposal accepted by Eric Fox, and Invoice sent.
  3. 9-16-2019 - 50% deposit for development services paid by Eric Fox via PayPal.
  4. 9-19-2019 - Development started on iOS and Android webView apps for the Pipeology project.
  5. 9-27-2019 - Development of the initial webView apps completed, and development of web based UI (User Interface) and Conduit bending calculator began.
  6. 10-11-2019 - Eric Fox contacted as his original Python calculator output did not mesh with our web based PHP calculators output.
    • Requested exact calculations used in real life scenarios to test against. Spoke with Eric on phone and he did not actually seem to know the calculations, even though he says he built the original python calculator himself, and he says he wrote the book with the calculations... Said he would send us a book that had all we would need to finish up.
  7. 10-18-2019 - Received the Pipeology book that Eric had sent.
  8. 10-22-2019 - Text message sent to Eric at (772-***-**58) with link to working calculator for review.
  9. 10-29-2019 - Received threatening text message from Eric at different number (772-***-9**1) saying he had not received anything yet.
  10. 10-29-2019 - Sent text to new number clarifying that he had been sent the link to review the app at his other number.
    • Eric states that he does not use that number often and he did not see the message, but will review app now.
    • States that his ex-wife is also authorized to speak for him as she is more "tech-savvy".
    • 8:48pm: Eric gets back to me after review saying the interface looks fine, and functionality needs a little work.
      • Eric says let's take care of that and we are good to go. He also states he will be busy the next few days but that Debbie (ex-wife) may call with any questions.
  11. 11-02-2019 - Sent text message to Eric at (772-257-9911) stating I was a bit confused as I had not heard from either him, or Debbie since the 29th of October and yet PayPal received a chargeback notice. He stated he wanted things done faster, and this was his way of doing it. That we could "Get back on track" by finishing the app out and then he would pay the fraudulently charged-back deposit again, and remove the dispute.

The timeline items above all have accompanying documentation, screenshots, text messages, and web proof of the working calculator in action attached to this document.

Eric Fox, when contracting us, agreed to our policies which state in no uncertain terms:

Updated: PayPal reviewed the case, along with the live calculator, and fought the fraudulent chargeback through Visa for us, and Visa agreed that Eric was solely responsible. As of now, this case is closed.

Updated: Eric came back with more threats and insults when he learned his attempted fraudulent chargeback did not go the way he wanted it to. I told him, civilly, that I was still willing to work with him until he was happy. However after the attempted chargeback, I specified via phone that the remaining balance was to be paid first, via bak check, money order, or cashiers check, before I would go any further.

Updated [1/2/2021]: As of yesterday, Eric is back to threats and insults after being dormant for the better part of a year. The remaining balance, to date, still has not been paid. He has been ignored. He is now threatening to file complaints with the BBB and others... That will be interesting. I can see it not working out the way he expects, once again... (new screenshots added at end of this article). Needless to say, I realize he is never actually going to pay, and he never actually intended to from the start. I am wasting no more of my time unless it is to defend against more bullsh*t from him, and I believe the best defense is a strong offense.


Screen captures of side-by-side Python (erics) and our server based PHP calculators with identical input variables and outputs.

Screen captures of text messages:

New Screen captures of texts [January 2nd 2021]: